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30 days to change your life

What greater motivation is there than achieving results? You will receive expert advice from our health and fitness staff, who will inform you on all aspects of health related fitness and exercise.


The Health Plus programme offers participants three training sessions on a one to one basis with a qualified fitness professional.

  • Appointment one - Health assessment and personal programmes.

  • Appointment two - Nutrition and programme review.

  • Appointment three - Results day at the end of your first 30 days.

How do I get started?

30 Days to change your life

It couldn't be easier!  

Join East Riding Leisure on one of our gym based memberships and we will get you started as soon as possible.  

Contact your nearest East Riding Leisure Centre using the button below.

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If you are an existing member, why not ask one of our gym team for a programme update and set some goals now?

What can I hope to achieve?

  • Weight loss/ body fat reduction

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Lower blood pressure

  • A feeling of well-being

Extracts from customer testimonials

"Coming to the gym and attending classes, dress size gone down, BMI reduced and feeling fitter."

SMc July 2015

"Couldn't have lost my weight without the support of the leisure centre, lost 7kg, lost 6.5% fat, reduced BMI."

LP July 2015

"Feel more energised, thinner and more toned, lower BMI, lost weight and improved lung function."

VR July 2015

"I feel much healthier and really enjoy coming to the gym, weight loss, lower BMI and improved fitness levels."

LA June 2015